Crazy Arkansas Fan is Still Singing Inspirational Songs Despite the Razorbacks 52-Point Drubbing Against Alabama

Rough start to the season for Arkansas. Last weekend, the Hogs lost to the unranked Lousiana-Monroe Warhawks, 34-31, and fell out of the Top 25. Then this brave fan stepped forward to offer words of encouragement and predict a 100-3 victory over Alabama this week. Well, Alabama won that game 52-0, in Arkansas. Luckily, Liz is still optimistic that the Razorbacks can win their final nine games. Unluckily, the November slate includes three top-25-ranked teams including #2 LSU. The truth is, there are not enough karaoke renditions of I Will Survive with “Woo! Pig Sooie” mixed into the regular lyrics in the entire world to save this team. Keep fighting the good fight Liz.

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