Raider Fans Fight on Urine-Soaked Bathroom Floor Because They Are Raider Fans

Win or lose, Raiders fans must fight. It’s a humorous, albeit sad fact of life. On Sunday, the Raiders lost 35-14 to the Dolphins. To follow suit rather appropriately, a bunch of Raider fans brawled in a stadium bathroom, creating a makeshift Slip ‘N Slide thanks to the countless puddles of urine all over the floor. At the 31-second mark, it appears that one of the brawlers opts to perform a dizzying breakdance number thanks to all the thoughtful piss.

Urine and Raider fans, like beer and buffalo wings.

As always, The Big Lead staff implores you dipshits to turn your phone sideways when taking video, especially for inspiring footage such as this Hallmark moment.

[via ‏@HerbieVerstinks]

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