Top 5 Pictures of Tim Tebow from the Jets Week 2 Loss to the Steelers

Tim Tebow carried the ball one time for 22-yards yesterday. He also blocked for the punter a couple times. Just because he didn’t get that much action on the field doesn’t mean it wasn’t an extremely memorable and important week for Tim Tebow! Here are the top 5 Tim Tebows of Tim Tebow this Tim Tebow!

5. Tim Tebow Will Pump! Jets Fans! Up!

He was psyched after his big run. Then he handed the ball off and then he went back to the bench.

4. Tim Tebow Was NFL.com’s 13th Ranked Team Last Week

The Jets TEBOW was the 13th ranked team in NFL.com’s power poll last week. I’m guessing TEBOW falls a few spots this week.

3. Tim Tebow Show

Yes, the NFL Network had a show specifically dedicated to the New York Jets backup quarterback last week. The top 10 things I love about Tim Tebow? Numbers ten through three are his jawline, number two is the way he makes me smile after a tough day at work, and number one is that he doesn’t know that he’s beautiful.

2. Where Did You Find a Picture of Tim Tebow Throwing?

Is this a photoshop? Tim Tebow throwing a football? What will they think of next!

1. Tim Tebow Shares a Tender Embrace

“Sanchez was 10-27 and you couldn’t get into the game? That’s hilarious.”

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