Erin Andrews Stanford Flub on Fox: Finally, There's Video

In the euphoria of Stanford 21, USC 14, studio host Erin Andrews had quite the TV flub:

“Nobody is going to class tomorrow morning. Smart kids at Stanford, they’re not going to class!”

Well, yeah, nobody goes to class on Sunday. Also, the first day of the “Autumn Quarter” at Stanford begins September 24th. But hey, that sort of thing happens on live TV. Could she have gone with, “they’ll be partying all night at the Rudy’s!” or something? Of course. That’s what a seasoned host like Chris Fowler would have gone with.

But it was such a gaffe that Peter King mentioned it in MMQB.

Did Erin Andrews really say, at 8:15 Pacific Time on a Saturday night, after Stanford stunned USC at Stanford, that the overjoyed and partying-hard Cardinal students wouldn’t be attending classes tomorrow? I should hope not, unless class was held in the chapel.

We’ve received more than a few emails wondering where the critique was for Andrews’ new studio show on Fox (7 pm, Saturdays). The answer: She’s had three episodes. At least twice, the show was pushed back due to MLB games running long.

And Joey Harrington might as well be a TV rookie. To put him on a prime time show on network TV seems to have been a bad decision. From radio in 2009 to Oregon broadcasts in 2010 to the big leagues in 2012? He’ll probably be fine eventually, but he’s essentially a rookie.

But I still believe any show needs at least half a season, minimum, to find its footing.

Because you want to see it first!

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