Jay Mariotti is Writing a Column Again (It Appears)

Jay Mariotti last seen getting arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, is writing again. Chicago Side, a new-ish website, posted a lengthy screed Monday by the former ESPN talking head/Sun Times columnist. The accompanying photo features Mariotti sitting in a chair, wearing a shit-eating grin, and clutching an empty glass. The backdrop is a parking lot. Palm trees are in the distance. It is unclear if this was taken before or after the Moby concert he famously attended.

Mariotti’s diatribe is maybe 3,000 words long, and the focus is on the Bears and Jay Cutler. It comes four days after the Bears lost to the Packers, which might as well be three months in internet time. It touches on all the Chicago teams! Bulls, blah, Cubs, blah, leadership, blah, Cutler sucks, blah, blah, blah. Mariotti is still a one-trick pony who screams and rants with zero substance. [Chicago Side]

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