Baltimore Orioles: 77 percent Chance to Make the Postseason. They Still Have a Negative Run Differential!

Baltimore Orioles. Say the name of the franchise out loud. What thoughts come to mind? Futility? Cal Ripken Jr? Billy Ripken’s baseball card? Brady Anderson’s fraudulent 50 home run season? Jim Palmer in his underwear? Terrible owner? Yankee Stadium South?

Well, with 14 games left in the 2012 baseball season, the Orioles are in a pennant race. Last time that happened? Hanson was popular, Martin was ending a glorious 5-year run, and Facebook & Twitter weren’t close to being conceived because the internet was still embryonic.

According to Baseball Prospectus, the Orioles, as of RIGHT NOW, have a 77 percent chance to make the postseason.

Before fans in Charm City get too excited: Remember, the Red Sox had a 99.6 percent chance of getting to the postseason last year on September 3rd. We all know how that ended. [Baseball Prospectus via Erik Malinowski]

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