Couple Suing Golf Course After 13th Hole Brawl Ended With a Golf Club Impaling the Husband's Leg

Back in February, there was a fight on a Fort Worth golf course when one group tried to play ahead of another. Clay Carpenter and wife Gina were part of a threesome that were told to play through a foursome on the next hole. A golf course marshal allegedly insisted they play ahead of another group. It didn’t quite work out. Form the Dallas Morning News:

The marshal told Carpenter’s group to wait as he cleared it with the group ahead. The marshal returned and said it was OK to play through but added the comment, “One of them up there ain’t right.”

In attempting to play through the groups got into a verbal altercation. Carpenter was then struck “tomahawk-style” with a putter by a player of the other group causing the putter head to break off. Carpenter then attempted to tackle the other player and suffered a stab wound from falling on the jagged putter shaft. The wound punctured his right femoral artery. The suit states that Carpenter passed out from bleeding on the golf course. He now has limited use of his leg and still could face amputation.

If you’re going to go die on a golf course, it has to be from lightning, not a violent confrontation.

[Dallas Morning News]

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