Tim Tebow Might Run For Political Office, a Breaking Story Since 2008

Tim Tebow might be our first president! No, that’s not right. Tim Tebow might be our first black president! Nope. Uh … Will Tim Tebow someday run for political office?  Yeah, that’s the ticket. Could someone please get to the bottom of this hot political goss!? What’s that ESPN New York? You have your hand raised?

“I haven’t ruled it out,” Tebow tells Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com.  “Whatever avenue I feel like I can make a difference in, I’d love to do.  I haven’t ruled out anything like that.  It won’t be anytime soon in my future, but it’ll be something I’ll at least look at and consider one day.”

Whew! I’m so glad he answered that burning question that people have been asking Tebow for the last half-decade. This is a completely different scoop than that time Tebow said he might go into politics in February.

“For me, it could be something in my future,” he said. “It’s something I’ll have to think about and pray about. I have no idea right now, but possibly.”

Or that time in April 2008 when Florida Governor Charlie Crist asked Tebow if he might someday go into politics.

“That might be a possibility.”

Ouch! Just burned my fingers on that hot ink! I hope some news outlets pick up on this breaking story.

[ESPN via Pro Football Talk]

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