Brothers Fight, Rip Door Off Hinges Over Madden '13 Game

Like most brothers, Michael Mayweather and Abrey Mayweather are competitors. Being just two years apart in age (21 and 19 respectively), they have probably been at each others throats for their entire lives. On Monday, they took it to a whole new level as they were both arrested for domestic abuse following a game of Madden. From The Journal Times.com:

Michael allegedly began to take the loss and his brother’s name calling personally, according to a criminal complaint.

The dispute then became physical when Abrey got up to allegedly fight with his brother outside, at which point Michael tried locking his brother out of the apartment. The two then reportedly jostled with one another, eventually ripping the door off its hinges and forcing the developing brawl into the hallway.

Neighbors made four of five calls to 911.

In the complaint, police describe finding the metal doorway bent and twisted away from the wall and numerous pieces of broken wood furniture throughout the apartment.

Now, for the punchline.

Before the fight, Michael was reportedly spending at least four nights a week at Abrey’s apartment because it is much more convenient for him because it is closer to his probation officer and anger management class.

You can’t make this up.

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