Roundup: iOS 6, Cruel Summer, DMX Learns About Computers & Remembering Steve Sabol

Salma Hayek … looking for a house near barking dogs … man beat and raped a woman because she said his feet smelledartist takes every drug known to man, draws self after each … there were 43 new network shows last year – not many survived … Smokin’ Jay Cutlerworst family tree ever … naked girl is a great distraction … a review of iOS 6 … the greatest facial hair in Tennessee history …

What the replacement referee conversations might actually sound like. [USA TODAY Sports]

This is a must read because it is one of those happy stories. Ted the batboy is the best story to come out of the Cincinnati Reds season. [Cincinnati.com]

Ike Davis is upset about the fact that the Mets are trying to trash him so their fans won’t care when they trade him. Wonder why? [Larry Brown Sports]

Ndamukong Suh denies Lolo Jones rumor. [Detroit Free Press]

Julio Cesar Chaves Jr tested positive for marijuana. [LA Times]

A track-by-track breakown of Kanye’s new album. [Billboard]

Jim Steeg remembers Steve Sabol. [National Football Post]

College town wall art. [Replay Photos]

An interview with Novak Djokovic. [Red Bull]

The Lakers are going to have to face that luxury tax at some point. [LA Times]

DMX does not know how to use a computer. [Beantown Banter]

Man, if you’re in Russia, just drive. Don’t stop. Don’t look at other motorists.

Great beer ad for Carlton Draught.

This dude got tossed from the Cubs game the other night because he was making obscene gestures behind home plate.

A look inside an active volcano. This is as good a time as any for a link to Volcano Girls.

Because you want to see it first!

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