Cam Newton Got Scolded by Steve Smith Last Night after Sulking on Sidelines

According to Carolina Panthers beat writer Joe Person, Steve Smith had some “unchoice words” for Cam Newton after Newton sat on the bench with a towel on his head after being benched late in the game, looking like he might be working on his Frankenstein outfit for Halloween. Smith got on Cam for his demeanor, wanting him to get mental reps and stand on the sideline with the team.

Looks like Cam Newton got put in timeout by the #Giants defense. #Overrated
Cam Newton does not take losing well. That in and of itself is not a bad thing. I don’t think that it’s that he doesn’t care. Where he has to mature is knowing that it’s not just about him sulking on the sideline and he needs to show positive energy; he can save the other stuff for in private. He also probably didn’t make too many Giants happy with his comments after they whipped the Panthers.

“It was nothing they did; it was all on us. Of course, they have elite defensive linemen and elite players on their defense, but it wasn’t so much what they did as what we didn’t do.”


[photos via US Presswire, @True_Yanks_Fan, video via Black Sports Online]

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