Urban Meyer: Braxton Miller is More Talented Than Tim Tebow

You’ve heard the argument that Tim Tebow made Urban Meyer, right? (The counter argument: Meyer won at Bowling Green before he got to Gainesville.) Tebow and Meyer combined to win two titles at Florida – Timmy was the backup QB as a freshman, getting in on the action inside the 10-yard line – and once the 2nd best winner* in the sport over the last 30 years left for the NFL, Meyer hasn’t had nearly as much success.

But he’s got an exciting dual-threat QB now in Braxton Miller, and Meyer told a radio station that Miller is more talented that Tebow.

“Very similar guys. They’re both competitive human beings. They’re both very talented people. Braxton has more talent. Tim is probably more of a grinder.”

If I’m a reporter at the next Meyer press conference, I ask the coach: “Could you define talent?” Not saying I disagree with the Miller > Tebow talent assessment, I just think it’s a very vague term in this instance. Talent throwing? As a drop back passer? Running? As an athlete? Tebow the grinder will take 50 extra reps a day, while Miller and his talent are the last on the field and first off it? [via Buckeye Blogging]

* Tommie Frazier was 1st. We’ve been over this.

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