Women's Gymnastics Was Funnier When a Man Did it in the 80's

Remember Gabby Douglas and McKayla Maroney and the 2012 London Olympics? Minus McKayla is not impressed, you probably had no idea that women’s gymnastics had the capacity for much comedy. Well it does when a grown-ass man dresses in a leotard and preforms on women’s apparatuses.

That’s what Paul Hunt did back in the 1980’s. Hunt was a gymnast at the University of Illinois in the 70’s before he started coaching gymnastics. One day when he realized the comedic potential of a man doing women’s routines. He was right. (It’s like seeing a monkey in people clothes.) Hunt went on to

Hunt went on to preform at competitions as comic relief under names like “Paulina Huntesque” and “Pauletta Huntenova.”

And here is the balance beam routine. If nothing else, the pure joy in the voices of the announcers is worth it.

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