Michael Vick in Danger of Losing His Job? Yeah, If He Continues to Get Beat to a Pulp

Andy Reid was asked about Michael Vick today at his press conference. The Philadelphia media will have a hey day with a pull from his full quote. Here is the statement by Reid via Jeff McLane:

“Right now, we’re with Michael and that’s what we’re doing,” Reid said. “We’ll evaluate it as we go.”

Reid was then asked if he needed to give backup Nick Foles more snaps in practice because Vick has been taking so many hits and is seemingly only more hit away from another serious injury.

“No,” he said.

Would a coach ever say that about Tom Brady? Probably not. Has something been similar about plenty of quarterbacks who kept their job. Most certainly. Reid says their with Vick now, and that he’s not going to funnel snaps to Foles.

Of course, one of the things they need to evaluate as they go is just how much of a beating Vick takes. There may be no decision to make in a few weeks. Vick is getting pummeled right now. Last year, there was some discussion about Vick taking hits and not drawing penalties like other quarterbacks.

I didn’t catch the early part of this week’s game (thanks, overtimes) but from what I have watched in the first few weeks of the Eagles, it is my impression that defenses push the line on hits on Vick after the throw, and on several, I thought that other quarterbacks may have gotten a call. That’s smart football to get the quarterback off his game, and if you were never pushing the borderline there, you probably are getting beat. I thought the hit on the play right before the key fumble recovery touchdown at the half was very borderline/late and could have been called. Vick also brings some on himself by holding it until the last second, and scrambling.

By week 6, Foles may be getting first team snaps, but that will be because Vick is in a cast.

[photo via US Presswire]


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