Roundup: 2012 Emmy Awards Winners, CJ Spiller Injury Not Severe & F-Bomb Laced Video of Billie Armstrong of Green Day

Heidi Klum … at 46, Halle Berry looks tremendous in a bikini … if you’re a James Bond fan, you should read this … man loses ipad on a flight; it is recovered at a flight attendant’s home … death by dining and dashing at Waffle House … I’m a bit late on Matt Taibbi ripping into the Red Sox … this is a bartender contest in Phillydog owners may enjoy this … “To Innovate, Disrupt Your Routine” … why ‘A Fish Called Wanda‘ holds up to repeated viewings … a humorous Pele tumblr … the Jetsons turned 50 yesterday … neat video of citizens taking down a robbery suspect who had a gun …

Here’s a list of Emmy Award winners. Mad Men, incredibly, went 0-for-17. [Fox News, Deadline]

CJ Spiller does not have a broken collarbone and will probably only be out a week or two. [Buffalo News]

Arnold’s new book – Total Recall – talks about the time he shagged the housekeeper, and the time he told his wife about it. [NYDN]

The best player of the Jim Calhoun era is … Kemba Walker? Don’t know about that. He had a fantastic run to the title, but career? [CT News]

Angels announced Mike Scioscia will return next season, regardless of what happens in the next two weeks. [OC Register]

John Feinstein hammers the Big Ten. [Wash Post]

Very doom and gloom read about the Saints, who are 0-3. [NOLA.com]

Brandt Snedeker won the Tour Championship Sunday, and took home a cool $11.44 million. [USA Today Sports]

The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson. Long, but powerful read. [Smithsonian.com]

Yes, NFL.com did an entire story on Lauren Tannehill. [Really]

Sage Steele talks to Michael McCarthy. [Sports Biz USA]

“A Houston police officer shot and killed a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair Saturday inside a group home after police say the double amputee threatened the officer and aggressively waved a metal object that turned out to be a pen.” [AP]

Biggest Green Day … anything in forever, right? A day after this, Armstrong went to rehab.

If you’d like to see Nate Robinson dunking at Venice Beach, fast-forward to 3:20.

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