Weekly Tim Tebow Top 5: Stephen A. Smith on SNL, Gangnam Style and Pass Off the Helmet!

Tim Tebow carried the ball twice yesterday for a total of zero (0) yards. He was also the target of one of Mark Sanchez’s 45 pass attempts. I promise you we will get to that eventually.

5. Stephen A. Smith Talks Tim Tebow on Saturday Night Live

“Tim Tebow’s throwing arm is proof that there is no God.” Jay Pharoah is in full control of Saturday Night Live this season (based on the 35 minutes of sketches I have watched on Hulu days after the actual episodes air.) as he does incredible impressions of the two most polarizing black men in the world – Barak Obama and Stephen A. Smith. He’s got jokes.

4. Tim Tebow, Attractive Human

Tim Tebow got his closet mixed up with TBL’s again. It’s all the sleeveless tees that say, “Jesus Is My Spotter.” Also, there was at least one teenage girl at the game looking to marry Tebow.

3. Oppan Tebow Style

My heart is so freaking happy that when I saw this picture of Tebow, this was the first thing I thought of. I love you, Internet. I love you so so so so so hard. And the fact that someone else did the exact same thing? My heart is singing.

2. You’re Supposed to Flip the Tire, Not Roll It

Look, Tebow doesn’t play that much. So we get the images where we can. He takes his shirt of for Vogue and caresses a tire, that’s pretty important.

1. Obviously

This is possibly the greatest moving image ever. This is more dramatic than The Godfather II, funnier than Blazing Saddles and more important than Nanook of the North. Why would the Jets use Tim Tebow as a receiver? It’s that Rex Ryan Belichick-esque God complex bullshit where you the coach puts something completely unnecessary and ineffective in the playbook just so people will talk about what a genius he is.


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