$9.2 Million Shift in Vegas For Monday Night Football Replacement Referee Disaster; Up to $250 Million Worldwide [UPDATE]

The Packers were favored by a field goal over the Seahawks in Monday Night Football, and in some places, the line inched up to 3.5 or four. Everyone – over 70 percent, according to Vegas Insider – was on the Packers. Ryan Greene, a former sports writer, re-tweeted someone at William Hill, an online sports gambling site, saying they “can’t sell a ticket on the Seahawks.” When the action is that one-sided, it’s best to go the other way.

How much money was on the line on the game’s final play? How much money changed hands as Golden Tate wrestled the ball – after committing blatant pass interference that wasn’t called – away from N.D. Jennings? According to Wagerminds, the swing seems to be $9.2 million in Las Vegas – sorry, Joe Public, you lost again. Trying to get a handle on the number worldwide is much more difficult but could range anywhere from $150 million to $250 million.

[UPDATE: RJ Bell of Pregame.com says the swing is probably close to $300 million.]

[video via Beyond the Bets]

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