Chris Perez, Indians Closer, Had a Nice Sparring Session with the Media Tuesday

Chris Perez, the ornery, fireballing Cleveland closer who had a memorable tussle with a douchy fan in Oakland last month, recorded his 37th save Tuesday, then decided he’d talk to the ink-stained wretches (he had been boycotting them). From the Plain Dealer:

Reporter: How did it feel to play the spoiler today?

Perez: “I could care less. I’d rather be playing for something.”

Reporter: How have you managed to stay sharp between save opportunities?

Perez: “I’ve had a lot of practice this year.”

Reporter: Are you starting to think about next year and what you can build on?

Perez: “I’m not.”

Reporter: What’s been your routine because you wouldn’t expect to go six, seven or eight games between save opportunities?

Perez: “Have you watched us this year? We haven’t been in seven or eight games in a row.”

Reporter: What do you think the team has learned from this year?

Perez: “No comment. I have opinions, but I’m not going to say them right now.”

As Perez walked away from reporters, he said, “It will be a fun last couple of days of the season when I’m allowed to talk again.”

A round of applause for Chris Perez and his candor. Wish there were more of you, Chris. Or, I wish you played for a team that was postseason-bound. [Plain Dealer]

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