John Lynch on the Dan Patrick Show: League Said To Go Easy on Replacement Refs Because Deal Was Close

John Lynch was on the Dan Patrick Show (audio) and said that the league asked its broadcast partners to take it easy in week one on the replacement officials because a deal was imminent. According to Lynch, they were “duped” by the league.

“Not telling us not to say anything, but just be careful because a deal is close, and then they duped up just like everybody else, so the next week, it was take the gloves off, and say whatever you want.”

You may have noticed that broadcast partners like announcers on ESPN, CBS, and FOX have become increasingly more critical over the weeks, so its not just the players and coaches who are simmering. Part of that, if Lynch is correct, could stem from being told that they wouldn’t still be dealing with the replacement refs by this point.

[photo via US Presswire]

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