Adam Greenberg, Whose Career Ended After One Pitch in 2005, Will Get an at-bat With the Miami Marlins

Adam Greenberg had one plate appearance with the Chicago Cubs in 2005. He was drilled in the head. Greenberg would never return to the majors … *dramatic pause* … until today. Well, on October 2nd to be more specific, but the main point remains. Greenberg is getting another shot at the big leagues.

He had been toiling in the minor leagues ever since, waiting for another opportunity. When he returns in October, it won’t be with the Chicago Cubs (34 games out of 1st is no time to be messing around with heartwarming tales that might interest fans) – it will be with the Miami Marlins, the same club that Greenberg faced in 2005.

Because you want to see it first!

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