Jayson Werth Stole the Philly Phanatic’s Keys and Faked Tossing a Ball to Fans

Jayson Werth’s Wednesday night at Citizen’s Bank Park can only be described as hilarious and fulfilling.

First, the former Phillie did the unthinkable during pregame warmups, stealing the keys to the Philly Phanatic’s four-wheeler and neglecting to return them until he completed said warmups.

When Werth finally did return the keys, the famously hairy outfielder unceremoniously tossed them in the direction of the four-wheeler, showing the ultimate lack of respect for the beloved mascot. That incident alone would’ve made for a memorable night considering how much Philly already hated Werth, but he was far from finished.

Let’s fast-forward to the top of the ninth. Shortly after walking into the on-deck circle, Werth fielded a foul ball and waited for the usual crowd of eager fans to get off their lazy, rotund asses and beg for the free souvenir. In true heel form, Werth motioned as though he were about to toss it in their direction, opting instead to simply toss the ball into the Nats dugout. That’s some exceptional work in embracing the role of chief villain.

To top things off, Werth smacked a two-run single in his ensuing at-bat, giving the Nats — up a run at the time — the ninth inning cushion they needed for a key win on the road. Now that’s a full night, and one hell of a setup this evening’s rematch, which is expected to take place inside a gigantic steel cage.

[via Sports Bog]

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