Of Course Joe McKnight is Pissed About Being Moved From Running Back to Cornerback. The Jets are $6 Million Under the Cap!

Joe McKnight, the high school legend who was hailed as the next Reggie Bush, but flopped spectacularly at USC, continues to struggle with the New York Jets.

McKnight was moved from running back to cornerback this week as the team grapples with the loss of Darrelle Revis. This was his reaction:

“I was drafted as a running back. The way I took it as I wasn’t good enough to play running back; that’s what I took it as. I don’t know if that’s the case or not … It’s been a while since I played cornerback, maybe if I’d played cornerback in college four years. Me playing cornerback in high school does not help right now.”

McKnight has a right to be pissed. He’s the team’s top kick returner, No. 3 running back (in a ground and pound attack that is DOA), they use him in the wildcat, and now he’s going to move to cornerback?

New York’s cheap owner, Woody Johnson, has the team $6.8 million under the cap, and to save money, the Jets are going to try and move McKnight – who is a tremendous athlete – to corner?

Hey, we’ve got a team that was in the AFC title game two years in a row, and after flopping in 2011, let’s operate on the cheap! Yeah! Let’s make McKnight earn his paltry salary of $540,000 by playing multiple positions!

Life as a Jets’ fan. So frustrating. Luckily, the season should be decided in the next four weeks – San Francisco, Houston, Indianapolis and New England. If, as expected, they go 1-3, there’s no way a 2-4 team can recover in the AFC and make the playoffs in 2012. By mid-October, Jets fans will be left debating the following questions:

* Do you want Mike Tannenbaum back as GM? This is a pivotal question because of all the free agents the Jets have to make a decision on.

* Do you bring back Dustin Keller?

* Do you bring back Shonn Greene?

* The following players are unrestricted free agents: Laron Landry, Mike DeVito, Aaron Maybin, Brandon Moore, and Matt Slauson. Who stays?

* What is the top priority in the 2013 draft, OL, QB, WR, LB or safety?

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