South Park Lampooned the NFL, Concussions, Replacement Referees and Jim Rome

South Park took on football and, well, the pussification of America in general last night. (You can watch the entire episode at South Park Studios.) South Park is still going strong in its 16th season, but when Randy Marsh gets excited about something, it usually turns out great. Last night, upset that South Park had done away with kickoffs in youth football because of the danger, Randy invented Sarcastaball which caught on because safety in football is easily the most important thing any of us have to worry about.

It should be noted that the South Park animators did a terrific job creating Peyton Manning. Obviously, they’ve been sketching Pey-Pey in their notebooks since he first came to Denver. Tom Brady fared less well as he drank Butters’ semen.

Because you want to see it first!

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