UVA is Probably Playboy's Top Party School Because of Their Lacrosse Team's "Dirty Bird Scooter Gang" [Video]

Playboy recently named the University of Virginia the top party school in the nation. While some people may disagree with the rankings or assume the schools are picked randomly based on whatever school had the most bros and lady-bros fill out an online survey… Well, those people are probably right. Still, you can’t have a bunch of bros without a decent lacrosse team since Lax Bros are the Alpha Bros of the College Bro World, bro.

Take UVA’s lacrosse team for example. In the video above, Little Brother of War Entertainment gives us a fascinating glimpse into the world of UVA lax bros and their Dirty Bird Scooter Gang. Lacrosse players get a bad reputation, but these bros seem pretty solid. Let’s break down the tape.

Take these two Lax Bros for example.While some of their bros just do the Dirty Bird gang sign (Jazz fingers interlocked like a bad mother shut your mouth) these two do a fist bump followed by smelling their fingers. “Leave the sanitizer at home bro, I’m going to remember last night even if she doesn’t!”

Pretty much all college students have money to buy scooters, right?

Here’s my favorite bro from the video – Wellington Von Whitesac. Just kidding. I gave up trying to figure out who this was, but gave up after a few minutes on the VUA men’s lacrosse page. The visit was not a waste though – There was a pop-up ad for Taco Bell.

Way to know your audience.

His name is Spanish for “has a house keeper.”

I’ll leave you with this sweet wheelie. That my bro-friends, is the very definition of Riding Dirty. And I just want to say that Wyatt Melzer is a fucking legend! Dude gets mad respect on that baby blue scooter. Legend.

/chants “chug” in empty living room while punching wall and filling Beer Bongosaurus with Natty Daddy

Because you want to see it first!

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