NL Cy Young Award: R.A. Dickey, Right?

NL Cy Young Award: R.A. Dickey, Right?


NL Cy Young Award: R.A. Dickey, Right?

R.A. Dickey, the Mets’ 20-game winner who throws a mean knuckleball, seems to be the popular pick for the NL Cy Young award. Dickey, who turns 38 next month, is one of the best stories in baseball this season. But will his tremendous season result in a Cy Young?

While the traditional stats/saber stats discussion dominates the AL MVP debate, will we see the same discussion when it comes to the NL Cy Young?

Here are three saber categories that figure to be in the discussion for the NL Cy Young award:

Gonzalez 2.84
Strasburg 2.84
Kershaw 2.99
Lee 3.07
Wainwright 3.15
Miley 3.21
Dickey 3.25
Cueto 3.27

Cueto 149
Kershaw 143
Dickey 142
Lohse 140
Gonalez 139

Cueto 5.7
Kershaw 5.4
Dickey 5.3
Gonzalez 4.6

And now for a more traditional stat:

Kershaw 2.68
Dickey 2.69
Lohse 2.77
Cain 2.77
Cueto 2.83
Gonzalez 2.89

It seems to be a 4-man race – Dickey (who also leads the NL in strikeouts with 222 and complete games with five), Gonzalez, Kershaw and Cueto. My guess: baseball writers love a good knuckleball, and Dickey will be your winner.

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