Roundup: Big Ten Recruiting Struggles, Pitbulls Attack Cop & a Saved by the Bell Compilation

Ali Landry … the oral history of Cheerspet rabbit beheaded in front of children … I don’t agree with the premise, but that’s a great headline … awful: “Young intruder shot to death unknowingly by father” … make the Gangnam stop, please! … “An alligator ripped off an elderly woman’s arm” … Florida teacher tried to put a hit on another teacher … TV actor who killed his landlady had been unraveling for months4-year-old calls 911, saves her mom … woman flies from Orlando to Newark with a loaded gun in her purse

Powerful story about why Keyon Dooling retired from the NBA. []

The Big Ten’s recruiting struggles. [Star Tribune]

A profile of Nationals announcer and former Major Leaguer F.P. Santangelo. [Wash Post]

Washington 17, Stanford 13. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, really. [Seattle Times]

NFL ratings, through three weeks, are astronomical! [Sports Media News]

Sammy Watkins, the Clemson receiver, will miss Saturday’s game against Boston College due to injury. [The State]

Ben Bernanke is a big Nationals fan and Jayson Werth was grilling him about QE3. [SI]

Does Josh Freeman need to see a shrink? Shaun King thinks so. [Joe Bucs Fan]

The New Yorker continues to go hard at the NFL. “Does football have a future?” [New Yorker]

TJ Lang’s tweet after the Monday Night Football debacle? The most re-tweeted in the history of twitter! [Fox Sports Wisconsin]

RA Dickey won his 20th game – first Met to do so since 1990 – and the knuckleballer could win the Cy Young. [NYDN]

Did journalists drop the ball while tweeting about the Sandusky/Penn State situation? []

Here are the kickoff times for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. [FIFA]

“If Newton leads Carolina to an upset of undefeated Atlanta on the road in his hometown Sunday, all will be forgiven.” [Observer]

Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here! A compilation. [via Hot Clicks]

Cops in Idaho go to a house, and are attacked by pitbulls. Cops shoot one dog to death.

Man detailed in Ukraine pulls a gun around the :58 mark and shoots everyone in the room. [via Cartmaniak]

The biggest lacrosse hits so far in 2012. [via Lax Playground]

Seemingly excited by music, driver passes two cars, then one hits him, then … lookout! [via Adam]

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