Eagles Beat Giants 19-17, Surviving Late Tynes Field Goal Attempt

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The Eagles-Giants game started in fits. Neither team could score in the first half. When the Eagles did score, it was invariably followed by a big David Wilson kickoff return to set the Giants up for a response. The teams traded points throughout, with the Eagles taking a 19-17 lead after a field goal inside the two minute warning.

The Giants then moved it into field goal range with the aid of two pass interference penalties. The second – called on Nnamdi Asomugha against Ramses Barden – was very questionable and moved the Giants up from what would have been a 54-yard attempt. In a case of justice, Ramses Barden was then called for offensive pass interference down the sideline, where he grabbed Asomugha’s helmet from behind. That moved it the ball back, and Tynes missed the 54 yard attempt to win it. Twice! The second one after a Reid timeout, and the Eagles survive their third close win of the year.

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