North Carolina Academic Records Continue to Show Corrupt Culture that NCAA Will Ignore

North Carolina continues to play the role of Sargent Schultz while the NCAA serves as Colonel Klink. Dan Kane of the Charlotte News Observer, meanwhile, continues to do work in digging into the North Carolina academic scandal that no one else has a desire to pursue. His latest includes yet another class that the school’s internal investigation did not identify as one of the “no-show classes” (courses where enrolled players only had to submit one paper and not attend any lectures).

It also details internal correspondence and records from the various tutors and administrators of the academic support program. Players were allowed to copy and paste in information to a paper, and the academic support often “paraphrased” it so it wouldn’t be plagiarism. These internal e-mails showed frequent frustration by the tutors that the players could not do the work, but encouragement from those in leadership positions.

“Just remember,” [associate director Beth Bridger] wrote in a March 16, 2010, email, “guys are in this class for a reason – at-risk, probation, struggling students –you are making headway … keep it positive and encouraging!”

. . .

An email written by tutor Whitney Read showed she was concerned about papers that were largely put together with passages lifted from source materials.

Jaimie Lee, an academic counselor, told her that was to be expected.

“If they have a ton of historical information, that’s fine, as long as it is cited and not plagiarized,” Lee wrote. “They have not necessarily developed the skill of critical analysis, so just try to get some in there, but if it is mostly background information, honestly, it is to be expected.”

Several records show staff working with the athletes to turn plagiarized passages into acceptable material by paraphrasing.

Basketball players were not involved in one class mentioned, but were involved in a set of intermediate Swahili classes that satisfied the foreign language requirement, but were no-show classes. Of the students enrolled in these “intermediate” Swahili classes, seven were football players, including Michael McAdoo, and three were basketball players.

Records continue to seep out slowly in this case. Usually, we find that the University has not been forthcoming. I’m sure the NCAA will continue to see nothing though, related to a corrupt culture that goes beyond one rogue professor.

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