Dallas Loses to Chicago 34-18: Five Romo Interceptions, Too Many Dez Bryant Fails to Count

Tony Romo threw five interceptions. When a quarterback like Romo throws five interceptions, it will destroy the internet.

The bigger problem, though, is that the rest of this offense is inept and also, Dez Bryant is a complete idiot. He drops passes, he set up the first interception, which ended up looking like a bizarre decision by Romo, and he even dances around like a child.

Here’s Romo getting drilled and turning a sack into the rare fumbleception, returned for a touchdown by Lance Briggs, followed by Kevin Ogletree not helping matters with the tipped interception in the red zone.

Dez Bryant had over 100 yards receiving, so you may not realize how bad it was.

Here was one of the drops, and he immediately followed it with getting a penalty for not coming set when he really just kind of bounced around at the line like he was on a sugar rush. Pete Carroll and the rest of America want to know what his deal is.




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