Jim L. Mora Berated a UCLA Sports Information Assistant at Practice

Working with Jim L. Mora sounds like a barrel of fun. UCLA’s head football coach reportedly berated a sports information assistant in front of his team and threw him out of practice. His crime? Letting a cameraman stand in the wrong place.

According to witnesses, it was like someone shredding a tackling dummy, or tossing fresh meat to a pack of animals.

He berated an unassuming sports information assistant in front of the whole team for allowing a TV cameraman to stand in the wrong place.

In doing so, he gave the sports information assistant an earful of some very impressive obscenities, which of course the young players would expect from their demanding leader.

Then Mora forced the guy to make the walk of humiliation off the practice field.

Pikes outside his office are laden with the heads of those who accidentally referred to him as Jim Mora Jr. It takes a big man to emasculate a subordinate who can’t fight back.

What is it with Los Angeles-based college football coaches and being pricks? (1) Treat your co-workers like human beings. It’s basic decency. It’s not that hard. (2) You are the most high-profile representative of a university. Show some decorum befitting your position. (3) If you want to be indulged like a delicate genius, you need to win. You have won nothing.

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