Ohio State Jersey Sales Declined 47 Percent, When Terrelle Pryor Left

Schools claim they are not profitting from college football player likenesses. Riiight. The Columbus Dispatch reported that Ohio State jersey sales fell 47 percent last season, coincidentally when Terrelle Pryor left. One of the primary factors was “a lack of star power.” Assuming a $60 sale price, the decline cost Ohio State and retailers around $1.2 million. Apparently, selected generic numbers have “star power.”

Jersey sales lagged last fall in part from the lack of star power on a team with so many familiar players serving suspensions. The sales never really recovered, as only 23,033 were sold last year, down 47 percent from the 43,444 sold in 2011, according to the university’s business advancement office.

Retailers are hoping for an uptick in 2012 from “No. 5” jerseys. They appear to be having trouble offloading their No. 2 inventory. No. 2’s problem was not having an inflated sense of self-worth. It was having an accurate one.

[Photo via Presswire]

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