Stefan Struve's Biggest Fan Was a Ball of Nerves During This Weekend's UFC Event [Video]

Finally, a UFC fan who wears his heart on his sleeve. That’s right, this is the world’s biggest Stefan Struve fan. On Saturday, Struve knocked out Stipe Miocic on Fuel TV for his 4th straight UFC victory. As you can see, this fellow was quite worried that his boy “Struvey” was going to lose. He was also quite offended when saw what appeared to be a dick-grab. Luckily, Struve came out victorious. Fight highlights below.

With the win, The Skyscraper (He’s somewhere between 6’10” and 7′ tall.) is suddenly in the conversation as a top-10 heavyweight fighter. Sure. Why not? It’s a random and meaningless ranking that means absolutely nothing. Let’s just be happy Struvey The Scraper is an exciting fighter who finishes fights who has already fought 3 times in 2012.


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