Tim Tebow Top 5: No Highlights From the Jets Shutout Loss to the 49ers

Tim Tebow completed his first pass of the season yesterday. It was on a jump pass and his receiver immediately fumbled and got injured. He also rushed for zero yards on two carries. The Jets are unstoppable!

5. Out Tebowed

The surest sign that Alex Smith is not actually a good quarterback? His team has a wildcat package. Remember when the Jets weren’t using the wildcat package in the preseason because they didn’t want to give anything away for the regular season? That was fun. [@loloheartny]

4. Tim Tebow, Poetry in Movement

It ain’t a ball off the helmet, but it’s something nothing. [via @dhm]

3. Tim Tebow Merch

Fear not Jets fans. The TIM-E Fifteen NOW. Flight 15. Get it? Show your support for your savior in a variety of colors for the low, low price of $17.40, plus shipping and handling.

2. TebowZone: Still a Thing!

That’s right, NFL.com is sticking with their plan to compile Tim Tebow’s every play each week in one extremely short and boring video compilation. Is it any sillier than this post? No sir! What do you call it when Tim Tebow is thinking? Christian Ponder.

1. Keep a Stiff Upper Lip

Don’t worry, Timmy. It will be alright. He’s probably just thinking about all the bad words Rex Ryan is about to say in the locker room.


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