Oregon Duck Faces Political Attack Ad From the Arizona State Sun Devil [Video]

Oregon has risen to #2 in the college football polls, but the football team has paled in comparison to what the Oregon Duck has done this Fall. He went to the lake with the Oregon cheerleaders, filmed a Gangnam Style video and announced he was running for president. The thing is, when you get big, there will be people waiting to tear you down. Enter this attack ad from Concerned Citizens of the Pac-12 and Sparky the Sun Devil. The video title says this is “Part 1,” so hopefully each Pac-12 mascot makes his own anti-Duck ad.

Oh, one more thing about the Oregon Duck…

Puddle’s This is SportsCenter ad ran last night during Monday Night Football. My fiancĂ©e saw the ad and said, “Aww. That’s how I feel at work.” See? The Oregon Duck identifies with all demographics. That’s why he’s such a great presidential candidate.

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