Washington Nationals Clinched First NL East Championship, Celebrated With Miller Lite, Champagne Showers and Goggles

The Washington Nationals clinched their first National League East Pennant last night. Their poor fans had to suffer through seven long seasons before they had a team that would make the postseason. Sure, most of them were Orioles fans until last season, but who cares? Natitude baby!

Champagne showers.

Adam LaRoche gets crazy with an aluminum Nick Lachey.

Even Teddy, one of the racing presidents, got soaked. [via Let Teddy Win]

Bryce Harper popping bottles? Hopefully, like Joe Young, Harper is able to live in this sinful world and stay true to his religion. Meanwhile, in Sacramento, Jimmer is in absolutely no danger of being near such temptation.

Gio Gonzalez seemed to enjoy his shower a little too much. [DC Sports Bog]

Looks like one of the ballboys couldn’t escape. Let’s hope he made it out alive.

Jayson Werth almost smiles for the first time since *SONS OF ANARCHY SPOILER ALERT* being beaten to death in prison.

Werth then sprayed the fans with Miller Lite. Pretty sure he’s going to get his liquor license revoked because he didn’t ID everyone in the Gallagher Watermelon Splash Zone.

More awkward than butt-chugging, but with less calories. Worth noting – the Washington Examiner actually used this image for their front page. [via RC_Sports]

Mike Rizzo’s head is like a dolphin, except instead of water, he needs to constantly be splashed with champagne.


Because you want to see it first!

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