Jason Kidd Has Been Drinking Again: Point Guard Thinks Carmelo is Very Similar to Dirk

Jason Kidd, the fossil of a point guard who got piss drunk days after the Knicks signed him, then got behind the wheel and did this to his Suburban, apparently is hitting the bottle again. He actually said this Tuesday, when asked about his former teammate, Dirk Nowitzki, and his new teammate, Carmelo Anthony:

“Oh, yes, very similar, very talented,” Kidd said. “Demand a lot of attention, so hopefully what I’ve helped with Dirk and Dirk is now one of the top players in this league, hopefully I can do the same with Melo.”

Preposterous. Dirk is a far better player than Carmelo Anthony, and it really isn’t close. Better from the field, from three, from the foul line, better rebounding, you name it. Don’t even get into playoff embarrassments. Melo’s gotten his teams out of the first round once. The same can’t be said for Dirk, even though he’s been part of a few Mavericks teams that have failed spectacularly in the postseason.

Dirk is probably one of the Top 50 NBA players of all-time and a Hall of Fame lock. Carmelo Anthony couldn’t sniff that list, and has work to do to get into the Hall of Fame. Carmelo Anthony, at this point in his career, isn’t even Dominique Wilkins.

And if Kidd is insinuating he helped Dirk become one of the top players in the league, that’s laughable. Was Kidd in Dallas in 2005-2006 when the referees took the NBA Finals away from Dirk and gave it to D Wade’s Heat? [Zags Blog]

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