Lolo Jones Twitter: Eric LeGrand Challenged Lolo to Race, Lolo Responded With Clueless Trash Talk

Lolo Jones is an active Twitter user with more than 300,000 followers. Eric LeGrand is a paralyzed former college football player with over 100,000 followers on Twitter. Tuesday night, LeGrand tweeted at Jones asking if she wanted to race. Glancing at LeGrand’s profile, Jones ascertained that he was a football player and not much else. She told him he couldn’t beat a track athlete and suggested he get his head checked for a concussion. It did not go over well on Twitter.

Jones obviously didn’t know who LeGrand was – his profile says as a defensive tackle for the Buccaneers. Of course, it also features two pictures of him in a wheelchair. LeGrand, realizing it was probably an honest mistake, didn’t take offense to Jones’ answer.

Does she respond to every person who challenges her to a race? I imagine that’s a fairly common occurrence for an attractive female sprinter. If LeGrand is actually a professional football player, its probably just some innocent trash talk. Instead, it just looked incredibly offensive. If only LeGrand had waited a week to challenge the Olympian – a huge sports fan like Lolo Jones would definitely catch Outside the Lines feature on LeGrand this Sunday morning.

[screen grab via @cjzero]

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