Charlie Weis is Pissed About This Cover of the Daily Kansan

Charlie Weis, the Kansas Jayhawks coach, fired off an angry tweet this afternoon:

Weis was upset with this cover of today’s Daily Kansan, which pokes fun at the Jayhawks’ matchup Saturday with rival Kansas State.

The Wildcats are unbeaten, ranked in the top 10, averaging 40.5 ppg, and have already whipped up on Miami (52-13) and won at Oklahoma (24-19). The Jayhawks, who have lost three in a row, are 24-point underdogs on the road. They are road kill.

What did Weis expect, pom-pom waving from the school paper about his terrible 1-3 team? (Loved the use of calamity, btw.) Maybe he got that kind of soft coverage from the school papers at Florida or Notre Dame, and he’s used to it? [Image via Ben Ward]

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