Roundup: Obama Lost the Presidential Debate, Sean Payton is Back & Nicki Minaj is Angry

Rachael Leigh Cook … if Romney and Obama switched hair … girl pleasures herself on camera in the Cornell Law Library … dealer sells car for too little, has buyer arrested for theft … grandmother of 6yo Aurora shooting victim had house robbed, pictures of granddaughter stolen … family strips naked outside high school because of medication … guy steals entire meal from grocery store, gets caught … Mitt Romney at Chipotle … ADA has joint fall out of pocket in court … the way you eat eggs predicts personality type … Nicki Minaj is already screaming at Mariah Carey on America Idol … black mamba’s venom contains powerful painkiller without the side effects … the first Presidential debate generally helps the challenger … Rush nominated for Rock n Roll HOF ….

Yes, Romney won the first debate. Or Obama got the tie he wanted. Not sure who will win this race, but I’m going to pound the under. [LA Times]

The most important talking point? Big Bird. [FOX 5]

The replacement refs’ side of the story. [ESPN]

Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis, and Joe Vitt will be allowed to attend Sunday’s game. [NOLA]

FOX preparing to launch a sports cable channel with Major League Baseball games? [Sherman Report]

The Ultimate Fighter is dying a slow death on Friday nights on FX. [Fightlinker]

This map is supposed to show the breweries of the United States, but it forgot Davidson Brothers. [MAP]

Former Arkansas linebacker threatens to kill school’s head athletic trainer. [AP CFB]

The Summit League may have a basketball star. [The Dagger]

Lark Voorhies mother claims she has bipolar disorder, while the actress denies it. [E!]

As if entertainment news wasn’t stupid enough (I’m fully aware we partake), CBS and Yahoo are working together to rename The Insider as omg! NOW. [Broadcast & Cable]

A’s pitcher Pat Neshek and his wife lost their baby a day after he was born “with no explanation.” Absolutely heartbreaking. [Oakland Tribune]

Junkie climbs balcony and threatens bros with an empty bottle.

The Tennessee buttchugging press conference.

It’s October so here is the audience reacting to Halloween back in 1979. [via Sports Guy]

The first trailer for Lone Ranger. It certainly looks like… a movie.

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