Mike Wilbon Apologizes, Concedes Defeat that Washington DC Isn't the "Worst" Sports Town

Mike Wilbon, your hell week is over. From ripping DC as a sports town to going at it with an ESPN anchor and a Washington Post blogger, Wilbon has finally waved the white flag and conceded defeat: I’m a jackass, sorry, and DC isn’t that bad of a sports town. He’s backpedaled faster than his boy, Deion Sanders.

That’s quite the reversal less than a day after this tweet:

If you’re keeping score at home, this is the 2nd time a former big-shot at the Post has gone after Steinberg. (See here.) And Wilbon, for whatever reason, hates it when people at his former paper speak the truth. Remember how angry he was about the book on Michael Jordan?

I’m still waiting for John Feinstein to weigh in on the latest Wilbon kerfuffle.

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