NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview & Picks: Week 5

We’re a quarter of the way through the season now. That’s the analysis for this week.

Last Week: Jason (9-6), Stephen (8-6)
Overall: Jason (33-27-3), Stephen (25-33-3)

Atlanta (-3) @ Washington
Jason: Mike Wilbon has never been to Atlanta apparently. (Falcons)

Stephen: Mike Wilbon doesn’t think RGIII is anything to write home about. (Falcons)

Philadelphia (+3.5) @ Pittsburgh
Jason: The winner gets an overnight in Happy Valley. (Eagles)

Stephen: The battle of Pennsylvania. Can’t wait to see which quarterback takes the most punishment. (Eagles)

Green Bay (-7) @ Indianapolis
Jason: Simultaneously rooting for both teams here, so tie goes to the home team (Colts)

Stephen: I just got RedZone channel like a week ago, is Andrew Luck any good at football? (Colts)

Cleveland (+9) @ New York Giants
Jason: The Browns will be far enough away at the end of the game that Weeden could not possibly overthrow the end zone. (Browns)

Stephen: Eli is due for a 600 yard game at some point. (Giants)

Miami (+4) @ Cincinnati
Jason: Brian Hartline is deceptively fast. (Dolphins)

Stephen: Michael Vick will need to die before I finally make the move to put Andy Dalton as my starting fantasy QB. (Bengals)

Baltimore (-6) @ Kansas City
Jason: I’m sure the Chiefs will solve their turnover problems this week against Baltimore. (Ravens)

Stephen: Remember that time Joe Flacco got married? (Ravens)

Seattle (+3) @ Carolina
Jason: Cam Newton is more Bratz than Hello Kitty, am I right? (Panthers)

Stephen: They must love Marshawn Lynch at the Seattle Applebees. (Seahawks)

Tennessee (+6) @ Minnesota
Jason: From big underdogs to big favorites, just like going against Arizona last week, love the Titans (Titans)

Stephen: Adrian Peterson is still alive. (Vikings)

Denver (+7) @ New England
Jason: Peyton Manning and Tom Brady–one is a diva, the other just helped his wife purchase an interest in the Memphis Grizzlies. (Broncos)

Stephen: Brady – Manning for the first time without the Colts involved. I hope Chandler Jones doesn’t kill Peyton. (Patriots)

Buffalo (+10) @ San Francisco
Jason: The game that proves just how meaningful Wonderlic is for quarterbacks. (Bills)

Stephen: Chris Berman will be delighted while he annoys everyone talking about this game. (49ers)

San Diego (+4) @ New Orleans
Jason: Wait, the Saints are favored? I’ve gone against them four in a row, no need to change yet. (Chargers)

Stephen: The Chargers are so good that you almost forget Norv Turner is somehow still their coach. (Chargers)

Houston (-9) @ New York Jets
Jason: Why do I have the feeling the Jets will do something improbable just to troll us all. (Jets)

Stephen: A prime time game for the Jets? What God did I please!? (Texans)

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