Tennessee Mascot Smoky "Buttchugging" Should Be a Popular College Football T-Shirt

There is so much wrong with this t-shirt. It features Smoky, the beloved Tennessee Volunteers mascot, with a funnel drawn on the end of his tale to make it look like he is buttchugging. In case you missed it, buttchugging is a proud University of Tennessee tradition that goes back to last week.

I assume this is real because anybody with a GED and a tan can work at a t-shirt shop and literally create any design you want. So why wouldn’t fans get these made before upcoming Tennessee games? It is one thing when one dumb fratbro (allegedly!) does it to himself, but to desecrate a mascot with buttchuggery? That’s harsh. Even by college football standards.

Now, where is the “butt stuff” tag?


Because you want to see it first!

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