Noon College Football: Arkansas and Auburn Train Wrecks Collide

Arkansas at Auburn: Two train-wrecks collide. The SEC’s worst offense meets its worst defense. Insert your gif of choice. This should be good fun, for Alabama fans. Gene Chizik will try to avoid falling to 7-12 in the SEC without Cam Newton. John L. Smith has more serious concerns.

The New Yawk Bowl: Connecticut at Rutgers. One could also term this the “Big East By Default” Bowl. We’re writing from ground zero where these two schools’ footprints collide. The atmosphere is feverish. Michigan fans have errands to run.

In State Rivalry: Bill Snyder gets the most from the talent available to him. Charlie Weis pilfers university funding, underwhelms and craps on people who criticism him. Both enjoy the odd trip to a fast food establishment.

Northwestern at Penn State: Northwestern is 5-0 and ranked with four AQ conference wins, and they are an underdog on the road at Penn State. PSU is lowering ticket prices to combat an attendance decline.

[Photo via Presswire]


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