Sunday Night Football: Chargers at Saints

Drew Brees is about to set a record tonight. I’m not all that excited about it. Sorry. I couldn’t have told you what the record for most consecutive games with a passing touchdown was before the news about Brees and his pursuit emerged, no more than I can tell you who holds the record for most consecutive games with 10+ rush attempts. Throwing one passing touchdown in a game is not a particularly notable feat in and of itself. As Chase Stuart notes, most of the top quarterbacks in the last decade average around 92-95% of all their games throwing at least one touchdown, and most of the misses were in games where they were knocked out because of injury.

We know that Drew Brees is an elite quarterback. This is just trivia. He happens to be the one who has stayed healthy (fewest pass attempts during streak was 23, in a blowout of New England where he threw early touchdowns), and 13 of the 47 games featured exactly one touchdown. (13 touchdowns, 18 interceptions in those games). Just like last year, when we saw several quarterbacks go past 5,000 yards, we will see several stretches of 40+ games with at least one touchdown over the next decade.

Tonight, the Saints would be better served getting a win. Of course, they’ll need to score a lot to do that. If I’m the Chargers, I might be daring the Saints to run on the goal line.

[photo via US Presswire]

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