Aaron Murray Found Out His Father Had Cancer, Had House Vandalized This Weekend in Addition to South Carolina Loss

Aaron Murray tweeted that he had the worst 12 hours of his life. The Bulldogs’ 35-7 loss to South Carolina was only part of it. Murray had his house egged and toilet papered by Georgia fans following the loss. He also drove home to Tampa the next day to be with his father, who is having a thyroid cancer operation. His parents had just told him about the illness.

Murray found out that his father, Denny Murray, had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. “Papa Murray,” as Aaron referred to him in another tweet, is undergoing surgery today at the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa.

Apparently Denny Murray had been diagnosed “a few weeks ago,” but the parents only told Aaron on Sunday. Aaron Murray and his brother drove to Tampa yesterday.

Eric Winston reminded us that football players are people. That reminder should be particularly poignant for college football, where the people are not paid professionals but kids.

[Photo via Presswire]

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