International Cricket Tournament Stuck With Ugly Cheerleaders, Media Outlet Reports

Sri Lanka is hosting a World Twenty20 cricket tournament. That alone is pretty interesting. However, people are more focused on the quality of the cricket cheerleaders than the actual cricket. Cricket Country has the ugly details:

“The impression created by these cheerleaders is not acceptable,” Ranatunga said Thursday. “We complained to the ICC (International Cricket Council) that this is harming the image of Sri Lanka.

“We had a lot of negative feedback which we passed on to the ICC as we had nothing to do with selecting the dance troupes.”

The dancers, who are dressed in blue leggings, striped skirts and T-shirts bearing advertising slogans, have been attacked in the Sri Lankan media for their amateur dancing and un-coordinated routines.

So what’s the problem? Well, apparently they didn’t budget for pretty girls.

“In an event like this you need good looking girls, and to get the beautiful girls who are professional dancers, you have to pay more,” he said. “The payment is not that great.”

So how did this all happen?

Event organisers said the contract for providing cheerleaders had been awarded to a foreign company which sub-contracted the work to a Sri Lankan firm.

Think about that for a second. They outsourced their cheerleaders and then a contractor hired a sub-contractor in the company that was outsourcing the cheerleaders. They insourced ugly cheerleaders.

[Cricket Country, Getty]

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