State Troopers Assigned to Yankee Dugout Asked for Autographs During the Ninth Inning

In the top of the ninth inning of the ALDS Game 1 showdown between the Yankees and Orioles, two Maryland state troopers assigned to the Yankee dugout inexplicably decided to ask Nick Swisher and Derek Jeter for autographs. These two “dedicated” officers were either plucked directly from the set of Boardwalk Empire, simply loathe being assigned dugout duty, or did this in the hopes of distracting the duo during a crucial part of the game. If the last part is true, it temporarily worked on Swisher, who was reportedly furious with the requests.

When asked if something similar to this had happened before, Jeter responded with “what do you think?” I’m guessing that’s a yes considering he’s basically the face of baseball, though it’s doubtful too many have had the nerve to pull off such a pathetic stunt during the ninth inning. It’s just too bad the New York media shrivels up like Costanza when in the Captain’s presence, because he should’ve also been asked if anyone walked away with signed balls.

The Yankees can surely expect a new dynamic duo stationed in the dugout for Game 2 tonight at Camden Yards. Going for the Yanks will be Andy Pettitte. For the O’s it’ll be Wei-Yin Chen, who served up 13 home runs over his final 10 starts of the season.

[via New York Post]

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