NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Big Brother Style - Bears and Vikings Rising, Bills to the Block

You did it, you finally did it. Axing both the Chiefs and the Jets in the same week. Have you no courtesy? Anyway, we’ll manage to live without the amazing football played in Kansas City and New York gracing our Power Rankings. This week, the Jaguars would be a pretty obvious choice after the horror show of the last two weeks, but alas, they have the week off. That leaves the hapless Titans, the defenseless Bills, along with the Raiders, Bucs, and Lions on the block for this week.

Before we get to the rest of the Power Rankings, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at one year ago at this time to see what we knew and didn’t know. How good are power rankings anyway?

I compared mine at this point last year to two big brands (ESPN and Sports Illustrated), a similar site (SB Nation) and two statistical rankings I check out, Football Outsiders and Advanced NFL Stats. Most were similar (though the statistical rankings differed most).

A year ago, Buffalo was on top of the world, in everyone’s top eight. San Diego was too. I’m happy to say that besides those two, the rest of my top ten made the postseason, tops in the group, because I had Houston ranked higher than others. Pretty much across the board, though, it was seven playoff teams out of the top ten. Yes, there were surprises (the Tebow phenomenon had yet to begin for Denver), and yes, the eventual Super Bowl winner was consistently ranked outside the top ten (and their end of season record was as well).

I try to make my power rankings based on how I think it will shake out, taking into account records and future play. Anybody can look at standings. The goal is to hopefully project how things will end up, knowing how they have gone so far.

  1. Houston Texans (5-0)
  2. San Francisco 49ers (4-1)
  3. Atlanta Falcons (5-0)
  4. New England Patriots (3-2)
  5. Chicago Bears (4-1)
  6. Baltimore Ravens (4-1)
  7. Denver Broncos (2-3)
  8. New York Giants (3-2)
  9. Minnesota Vikings (4-1)
  10. Green Bay Packers (2-3)
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)
  12. Arizona Cardinals (4-1)
  13. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)
  14. Seattle Seahawks (3-2)
  15. Miami Dolphins (2-3)
  16. San Diego Chargers (3-2)
  17. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2)
  18. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)
  19. Indianapolis Colts (2-2)
  20. St. Louis Rams (3-2)
  21. Washington Redskins (2-3)
  22. Detroit Lions (1-3)
  23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3)
  24. Buffalo Bills (2-3)
  25. Oakland Raiders (1-3)
  26. Tennessee Titans (1-4)
  27. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)*


New York Jets (2-3)

New Orleans (1-4)

Carolina (1-4)

Kansas City (1-4)

Cleveland (0-5)

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[photo via US Presswire]

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