Alex Rodriguez Will Bat 3rd For the Yankees in Game 3

Alex Rodriguez, whose postseason struggles have been chronicled here before, is shockingly the topic of the ALDS series between the Yankees and Orioles.

Imagine that!

The $300 million man is 1-for-9 in the series, struck out to end game two, and, well, he’s in line to be called a limey cocksucker again just like he was at the end of last year’s disastrous against Detroit.

Joe Girardi is sticking with A-Rod batting 3rd tonight. Just for fun, here’s what the Yankees will be paying this former juicer over the next five years. The number after the year is his age.

2013 37 New York Yankees $28,000,000
2014 38 New York Yankees $25,000,000
2015 39 New York Yankees $21,000,000
2016 40 New York Yankees $20,000,000
2017 41 New York Yankees $20,000,000

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