Stephen Strasburg Isn't Pitching, But Maybe the Nationals Will Win Anyway

Nationals. Cardinals. Game 4. Washington trails 2-1. If the Nationals lose, you won’t hear anything about Bryce Harper’s 1-for-15 series, or Adam LaRoche going 1-for-11.

It’s all about Strasburg folks. This is what Smarty Pants Mike Rizzo has wrought. He made a highly questionable decision to sit Strasburg, and now the Nationals are, according to this USA Today story, perhaps the most hated team in baseball.

“If we don’t win the World Series, I don’t care who does,” one general manager told USA TODAY Sports, “as long as it’s not those guys.

“They don’t deserve to win it. Not after what they did.”

Said a National League GM: “I hope they go down in flames. I hope it takes another 79 years before they get back to the playoffs. That’s how strongly I feel about it.”

Go Cards.


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